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Marketing Tip: Link Contributed Articles to Your Business Blog

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One of the keys to successful content marketing is to remember that all of your content matters. And it should all work together to achieve corporate goals, meaning PR and marketing must move away from traditional silos and isolated efforts.

Consumers no longer draw lines between earned, owned and paid content (see PR Trends for the Future). But that doesn’t mean there is no place for public relations in the modern content strategy.

What this shift means is that proven public relations tools such as contributed articles, which have been a mainstay for decades to establish credibility and industry authority, should be linked to the rest of your content marketing strategy and to your business blog.

Here are the two ways your business blog and your contributed articles can join forces:

1. Repurpose: Use the same information in both pieces of content.

Rather than doing all of that research and writing for a single article submitted to an industry publication, repurpose that research into one or more blog posts on the same topic. It may require as little as a new lead and conclusion, plus call-to-action to link blog readers to related offers.


2. Promote: Use your blog to promote the contributed article.

Publish a blog post about the published bylined article, with additional comments from the executive or reviews from others in the industry who have read the article. Again, a key component of the blog post should be one or more calls-to-action for related inbound marketing offers.

Learn more about how contributed thought leadership articles can play a role in your inbound or content marketing strategy by downloading How to Get Your CEO Published, and start building your company’s public profile and marketing content portfolio.

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