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Content Marketing Hits Its Stride In 2019

September 18,2019 |BY: Kristin Jones

Content Marketing Hits Its Stride In 2019

According to a survey by Zazzle Media, marketers are finally becoming almost completely comfortable with content marketing and all that it entails.

Nearly 9 in 10 surveyed in 2019 say they feel their content marketing strategy is linked to all other parts of their business, compared to fewer than half of respondents just a year ago. The proportion of marketers who say they know the best practices for implementing content marketing has also jumped in the last year.

So where are marketers focusing their efforts?

Written content continues to be the highest priority. (And that’s why I always emphasize the need for great writers.)

Other key focus areas include:

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Would you agree with the two-thirds of marketers who say that content marketing is either extremely effective or very effective? What measurements of success would you like to see increase?

Content is a key element in effective inbound marketing (see how the two may differ here). Find an example of how to craft your content, along with an automated lead nurturing program, into an inbound marketing strategy that not only increases web traffic, but also places an emphasis on increased sales. Download our Creating A Winning Inbound Program example and case study here.

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