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How B2B Marketers Will Leverage Video in 2023

October 04,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

Very few marketers are brand new to video—depending which survey you reference, only between 17 percent and 35 percent of the marketers who used video in their content marketing in 2021 were new to the scene.

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Topics: Statistics, Video, B2B Marketing

Give B2B Buyers the Video Content They Want

July 19,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

Video is one of the most popular forms of online content—just think of how much time you and those around you spend on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels or watching Facebook Live. It is much more than entertainment.

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Topics: Video, Infographics, B2B Marketing

The Basics of Content Marketing in One Fun Video

February 22,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

Sometimes the best way to learn about something is to witness a great example. I’m always watching for examples of emails, landing pages, blog posts and more that we can take inspiration from in our work.

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Topics: Content, Video, Content Strategy

3 Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2022

February 15,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

While trends articles continue to highlight bright, flashy new ideas in marketing, including virtual and augmented reality, for many brands the best bet for moving the needle in 2022 lies not in dramatic new tactics, but in making small adjustments to take what is already working to the next level.

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Topics: SEO, Video, Content Strategy

Video Marketing in 2021: What You Need To Know (infographic)

August 31,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

How has your approach to video changed in the last year?

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Topics: Video, Infographics

Adding Multimedia Options To Your Content Marketing: Webinars & Podcasts

June 02,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

According to FlowApp, more than 50 percent of marketers had planned to increase the number of webinars they created in 2020—it was the perfect year for it!

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Topics: Content, Video, Content Strategy

Social Media Tip: When To Post New Videos On YouTube

January 18,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

YouTube is not only the largest repository of video content on the web, but also the de facto second most-used search engine out there, with more than 3 billion searches performed every month.

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Topics: Social Media, Video

Social Media Tip: How Often To Post On YouTube

December 07,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Did you realize YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet? With more searches daily than all other search engines (other than Google) combined, it is one of the key places the world goes to learn.

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Topics: Social Media, Video

6 Types Of Digital Marketing You Need To Understand

November 11,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

If nothing else, the COVID-19 pandemic has solidified the need for businesses of all kinds to lean even harder into the digital space, from retail purchases (which were already projected to reach $4.5 trillion next year, BEFORE coronavirus shutdowns struck) to how B2B brands reach their prospects in a world without in-person events and conferences.

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Topics: SEO, Social Media, Video, Email, Content Marketing

Social Media Tip: What Your Business Should Share On YouTube

September 21,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Video is the fastest growing content format on the internet, for entertainment, for education, and for marketing. And, of course, the largest repository of that video is YouTube.

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