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Is Your Business Missing the Social Media Message?

October 23,2015 |BY: Scott Muff

Is Your Business Missing the Social Media Message?


Successful inbound marketing requires a solid online presence, which extends beyond your blog to the realm of social media. Businesses who have put social media to work cite four big benefits:

  1. Increased marketing effectiveness. Social media enhances other campaigns by providing more platforms for promoting offers and sharing brand messages.

  2. Business promotion. With a wide range of platforms available, there is sure to be at least one that fits well with your business’s needs, whether you focus your B2B efforts on LinkedIn, stock a YouTube channel with product demos and how-to videos, or encourage happy customers to review your restaurant on Yelp.

  3. Sales activation. More than 50 percent of marketers say social media is important in seeking out new customers or clients. (Click to Tweet)

  4. Increased online exposure. With GlobalWebIndex reporting that nearly 30 percent of our online time spent on social networking platforms, it just makes sense that businesses would use those opportunities to increase online exposure. (Click to Tweet)

Is Your Business Missing the Social Media Message?

So how do you take advantage of these benefits? By making social media a part of your inbound marketing content strategy. Set goals and track results with our Digital Echo Worksheet and plan your specific status updates and tweets with a Social Media Scheduling Template.

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Social Media Scheduling Worksheet

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