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Quick tip: Write Blog Posts That Turn Readers Into Customers

July 03,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Quick tip: Write Blog Posts That Turn Readers Into Customers

A business blog can, and should, have a number of goals and objectives.

It should build authority and establish your company as an expert in the field. It should increase your website’s SEO power. It should draw visitors to your site.

And it should turn those visitors into leads and customers.

In order to use your blog to turn readers into customers, you need to follow these three rules:

1. Include links to related content. Don’t leave readers with just a single blog post on an isolate topic. Link to related pages on your website (product or services listings, FAQs, related blog posts, etc.) or to the original data you cite in your blog. Providing these additional resources will keep readers coming back because they trust you.

2. Encourage engagement. Ask questions, invite comments and suggest that readers share the blog with others. Blogs should be interactive to be the most effective.

3. Include at least one call-to-action. Without a CTA, your blog cannot generate leads. Include contextual CTAs for related offers and place graphic CTAs elsewhere on your blog’s page.

Our advice: Remember that your blog really is more than a storytelling opportunity. It is a lead generation tool. Find 17 more tips for maximizing your blog’s potential in our Blog Essential Checklist. Then share your own favorite blog writing rule in the comments.

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