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Shorten The Sales Cycle With Lead Nurturing Workflows

April 18,2016 |BY: Kristin Jones

Shorten The Sales Cycle With Lead Nurturing Workflows 

What if you could move a prospect from “lead” to “customer” more quickly, shortening the sales cycle and improving your marketing efficiency? You can, by nurturing leads with an automated series of offers and emails that are targeted and relevant.

Market2Lead found that nurtured leads generally have a 23 percent shorter sales cycle. (Click to Tweet) This reduces the time needed for sales to “warm up” or qualify leads, letting them focus on closing sales when leads have reached that stage.

Lead nurturing campaigns use a strategic workflow to offer leads increasingly focused content, beginning with introductory and informational materials for those in the awareness and early engagement stages, and transitioning to more solution-based materials as they enter the consideration and comparison stages.

(Find more about the buyers’ journey/sales cycle/sales funnel here.)

Our advice: Plan out nurturing workflows that offer a continuum of relevant content to move leads through the sales funnel toward a sale. Our template can get you started.

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lead nurturing workflow template

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