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Millennial Marketing Mindset: Mobile & Flexible [infographic]

February 16,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

While all marketers may feel that they are skilled in staying ahead of the technology curve and adapting new ways to communicating their brand’s messaging to their target audience, there are still differences in approach between marketers who are adapting to new technology and those who have grown up as “digital natives.”

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Topics: Analytics, Infographics, A/B Testing

Use A/B Testing to Optimize These 5 Landing Page Elements

September 15,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

While we may rely on intuition and best practices when initially designing our marketing content, including landing pages, optimizing them works best when based on empirical evidence. Find out what really does work—not just what you think should work.

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Topics: Landing Pages, Analytics, A/B Testing

Do You REALLY Know The Best Way to Use These Call To Action Elements?

June 02,2016 | BY: Scott Muff


There are plenty of resources online that will tell you the “best” options for calls-to-action. These best practices are based on thousands of CTAs, websites, and data driven by closed loop marketing.

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Topics: Calls-to-action, Website, A/B Testing

15 Top Landing Page Elements to Test To Improve Your Conversion Rate

April 14,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

Sometimes, it really does pay to sweat the small stuff.

Small stuff includes the little details on your landing pages. And you sweat the small stuff because small changes can have big results, like a 30-40 percent increase in lead generation for B2B companies.

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Topics: Sales Funnel, Landing Pages, Strategy, A/B Testing

Three Rules for Effective A/B Testing of Marketing Tactics

March 17,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

Would a short video on your webinar landing page increase conversions? Does an email with question in the subject line generate a bigger response? Does adding a limited-time element to a CTA improve click-through?

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Strategy, A/B Testing

6 Email Elements To Optimize With Split Testing

February 25,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

Surely you’ve had this discussion in your strategy meetings: You say email blasts should be sent midweek when there seems to be a lull in activity; your colleague argues that having that email in recipients’ inboxes first thing Monday morning will yield the most responses.

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Topics: Content, Strategy, Analytics, Email, A/B Testing

Secret Trick to Improving Landing Page Conversions by 40%

September 18,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Sometimes little changes yield big results. But how do you know which changes are best?

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Topics: Lead Generation, Landing Pages, HubSpot, Metrics, A/B Testing

Four A/B Testing Mistakes to Avoid

September 15,2015 | BY: Scott Muff


Should your “Subscribe Here” button be red or green? Should your headline be short and punchy, or more descriptive? Should your landing page have only one form field, or will just as many people convert even if they need to fill in three fields?

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Topics: Calls-to-action, Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Analytics, Metrics, A/B Testing

Compare Email Components to Get the Best Results

September 14,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Email marketing is a prime opportunity to utilize A/B testing to improve responses, testing elements such as sender name and subject lines.


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Topics: Metrics, Personalization, Email, A/B Testing

Do You Prefer 'A' or 'B'? Use Testing to Improve Marketing

May 28,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones

Have you visited the optometrist lately? Then these words should sound familiar:  “Which is better: Option A? Or B? Number 1? Or Number 2?” Finding the perfect prescription can make all the difference for those of us with less than 20/20 vision.

Did you know you can apply that same “Is it A? Or is it B?” approach to finding the best fit to your marketing as well?

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Topics: Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Analytics, A/B Testing


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