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Millennial Marketing Mindset: Mobile & Flexible [infographic]

Millennial Marketing Mindset Mobile Flexible

While all marketers may feel that they are skilled in staying ahead of the technology curve and adapting new ways to communicating their brand’s messaging to their target audience, there are still differences in approach between marketers who are adapting to new technology and those who have grown up as “digital natives.”

As more millennials enter the workforce and take on leadership roles in areas such as marketing, the shift from traditional methods is likely to occur at an exponentially faster rate based on this survey from Magisto comparing the differences in decision marketing between baby boomers and millennials in marketing. 

Not surprisingly, millennials spend more on mobile. After all, American adults are expected to spend more than 3 hours a day on mobile media in 2018 (Source), and when you look specifically at consumers ages 18 to 34, less than a third of their time on digital media is spent on a PC (Source).

[Check out the Millennial Marketing Mindset infographic at the end of this post for more great stats.] 

Along with being more comfortable with mobile content than their baby boomer counterparts (and even many of us in the Gen X category), millennials naturally turn to social media to build brand awareness and they are more likely to test multiple versions of creative content, especially video, than baby boomers, who tend to hold on to concepts of video as too expensive to experiment and make changes to.

What generation of marketer are you? Are you a veteran with experience, but hesitant about fully embracing the world of mobile digital media? A Gen-Xer trying to bridge the gap? Or a millennial eager to create brand experiences that reflect how you and your peers function in the digital world?

The millennial leaning toward testing, measuring and optimizing is a characteristic we should all be embracing, in order to improve the ROI of our efforts, rather than just guessing at what works and why.

That is why one focus you will see repeatedly in our Inbound Accelerator blog posts throughout this year will be how to measure the performance of your inbound marketing tools and tactics and how to use those measurements to improve.

Here is one place to start:Introduction to Using A/B Testing for Marketing Optimization. This ebook will walk you through the steps of split-testing for emails, landing pages, and other marketing campaign elements.



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