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10 Ways To Use Content Marketing For Landing Page Success

June 20,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

Usually when we talk about marketing content, we are referring to a few obvious elements: blog posts, social media posts and visuals, contributed articles, or downloadable content such as reports, ebooks or templates.

Too often, we overlook how the same concepts and strategies that are winners when creating the “big picture” content should be applied to the smaller elements, including the landing pages that are gateways for those downloadable offers that convert visitors into leads.

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Topics: Lead Nurturing, Landing Pages, Content

6 Factors That Impact Landing Page Conversion and Bounce Rates

May 23,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


When you’ve succeeded in attracting a visitor to one of your website’s landing pages, whether through calls-to-action in blog posts, organic or paid search, or social media, the last thing you want is for them to immediately bounce off. Conversion rates will vary greatly, but according to research by Unbounce, there are six elements you can control that have the potential to increase conversions and reduce bounce rates.

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Put CTAs In ALL the Places!

March 02,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Creating and implementing calls-to-action—one of the most important links in the content marketing and lead nurturing chain— requires several steps and attention to detail.

We outline 8 of those steps in this guide.

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8 Pieces of the Landing Page Puzzle

January 19,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Winter is a great time to delve into quiet indoor pursuits that keep your mind busy, like jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles provide a great combination of attention to detail and seeing the big picture that can stimulate your brain (or drive you crazy).

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Topics: Lead Nurturing, Landing Pages

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Landing Page

January 05,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

How do you KNOW that you’ve created the right landing page for your offer and your audience? Even if you’ve followed all of the best practices, could it be better?

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Topics: Landing Pages, Planning

Quick Tip: Using Landing Pages to Kick Off Lead Nurturing

December 12,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

It shouldn’t be a secret that landing pages are the key to online lead generation—they are the part of your website where visitors trade a bit of contact information for a great offer.

But what do you do with those leads once you have them?

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Topics: Lead Nurturing, Landing Pages

How to Survive Black Friday (Whether You Shop or Not)

November 23,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


Are you ready? The ads have already been leaked online. Some deals started showing up weeks ago - there were even lines in some stores hoping for the few classic Nintendo units sprinkled into retail stores across the country to start the shopping craze.

Black Friday is upon us.

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The Anatomy of a Landing Page That Converts

November 22,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


You wouldn’t try to fly an airplane that is missing a wing, or drive a car that is missing the steering wheel. So don’t expect to convert visitors into leads with landing pages that are missing important elements.

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Topics: Sales Funnel, Landing Pages

Quick Tip: 4 Ways to Optimize Thank You Pages

November 14,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


Landing pages are where the magic happens, where your website visitors enter their information and become leads. But it is the follow-up to the landing page—the thank you page—that continues the process of lead nurturing and moving that lead toward your ultimate goal of turning them into a customer.

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Use A/B Testing to Optimize These 5 Landing Page Elements

September 15,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

While we may rely on intuition and best practices when initially designing our marketing content, including landing pages, optimizing them works best when based on empirical evidence. Find out what really does work—not just what you think should work.

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