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Media Analysis: A 12-Point Checklist

April 24,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

Media analysis projects are a staple of the public relations world: It’s important to know who is saying what about your business, how often, where and when.

That knowledge is just as vital when crafting your marketing strategies, as all communications should be part of a cohesive strategy that works together.

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Topics: Public Relations, Strategy, Analytics, Audits, Agency Partners

Quick Tip: Effective Content Strategies Require Advanced Planning

July 12,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

In these times of tweets with a half-life of just minutes, live video and content that explodes and goes viral in hours, only to be forgotten by the end of the week, it may seem that advance planning is a luxury marketers just don’t have. Or, worse, a negative that slows reactions and stifles creativity.

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Topics: Planning, Public Relations, Campaign Planning

Marketing Quick Tip: Make the Most of Your PR Successes

April 05,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

If your integrated marketing and public relations strategy places emphasis on building brand awareness through thought leadership and public relations outreach, you can amp up the total impact of your PR successes by putting them to use in your lead gen-focused marketing channels.

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Topics: Public Relations, Integrated Marketing & PR, Thought Leadership

Quick Tip: Make the Most of Your Earned Media Success

March 16,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

Earning media coverage and placement of thought leadership articles with trusted third-party outlets and industry media is not an easy task.

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Topics: Public Relations, Bylined Articles, Content Strategy, Thought Leadership

Cross-Department Alignment Maximizes All Content: Paid, Owned & Earned

April 14,2021 | BY: Kristin Jones

When multiple departments involved in a brand’s messaging operate in silos, opportunities are lost because competition—for results, for budget, and for other resources—squeezes out cooperation.

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Topics: Public Relations, Campaign Planning, Integrated Marketing & PR

Your Writing Checklist To Crafting Great Thought Leadership Articles

February 09,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Thought leadership may be a more powerful tool in your marketing arsenal than you realize, and it pays to ensure the quality of the bylined contributed articles you create is the best reflection possible of your company.

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Topics: Public Relations, Bylined Articles, Thought Leadership

8 Benefits Of Hiring A Full-Service Marketing Agency

July 21,2020 | BY: Kristin Jones

When it’s time to find extra resources—staffing, expertise, technology—for your company’s marketing strategy, there are many options and a number of considerations that will influence your decision.

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Topics: Collaboration, Public Relations, Strategy, Writing, Management, Marketing Lessons, Integrated Marketing & PR, Agency Partners, Design

The JONES Approach: Accountability > Face Time (infographic)

June 19,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

We understand how stressful it can be as a CMO to turn work over to an outside agency and just step back and put trust in them. You know that whatever the results are, you as the CMO will have to answer to the rest of the leadership team on your company. And that makes it tempting to want to stay right on top of everything.

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Topics: Collaboration, Planning, Public Relations, Infographics, Client Success Stories, Agency Partners

9 Steps To Better Bylined Articles

June 18,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Contributed or bylined articles have long been a staple of public relations strategies in B2B marketing, used to increase awareness and establish the thought leadership authority of a brand or company leaders. They can also be used effectively as an additional channel in content marketing, still maintaining the trust provided by non-promotional content in a third-party publication, but also serving as a link for lead generation.

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Topics: Public Relations, Bylined Articles, Content Creation, Content Strategy, Thought Leadership

Give Editors The Right Reasons To Accept Your Contributed Articles

March 04,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

With the realms of marketing and public relations continually meeting, meshing and intertwining, using contributed articles as part of an integrated campaign is the perfect way to reach thousands of prospects with top-of-the-funnel content that establishes you brand as an industry authority.

But you aren’t the only one seeking editorial space from related blogs and industry media. As PointVisible points out in this infographic, many editors get at least 6-10 pitches every day, and 20 percent of those editors say 9 out of 10 pitches are so bad, they don’t even bother to read them properly.


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Topics: Public Relations, Bylined Articles, Thought Leadership


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