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Marketing Quick Tip: Make the Most of Your PR Successes

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If your integrated marketing and public relations strategy places emphasis on building brand awareness through thought leadership and public relations outreach, you can amp up the total impact of your PR successes by putting them to use in your lead gen-focused marketing channels.

(Get the full how-to by downloading our ebook—How to Get Your CEO Published—if you are ready to dig deeper than today’s quick tip.)

The key to maximizing the results you get from public relations outreach and thought leadership, including both bylined articles and media interviews, is to then share and promote that success in ways that enable lead capture.

Here’s one quick scenario:

  1. You land an interview for a company executive with a major media outlet about a current news topic relevant to your brand.

  2. The story runs—it’s great brand awareness, but doesn’t directly drive traffic to your website. If you stop there, all you get is the brand awareness. So don’t stop.

  3. Write a blog post about the story, sharing the story and additional related insights, along with a CTA for a relevant lead generating offer (e.g., research report, blog subscription, webinar, consultation or free trial).

  4. Share that blog post through all of your typical channels: opt-in emails, social media, in email signatures, etc.

Now, your hard-earned media coverage can extend beyond initial brand awareness and building trust and authority to being a catalyst for website traffic and lead generation.

Are you getting the most mileage possible out of your public relations efforts? Download How To Get Your CEO Published for detailed tips on not only earning media coverage and bylined article placement, but how to incorporate that earned media into a comprehensive content strategy that leverages all channels to yield leads and sales as well as awareness and good will.

Talk to us to learn more about this strategy, which we have employed successfully for a wide range of B2B clients. Schedule a call today.

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