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Boost Business Blog Subscriptions to Increase Lead Generation Potential

Boost Business Blog Subscriptions to Increase Lead Generation Potential


What is the first thing you do when you get to the office in the morning? Besides fill your coffee cup.

If you’re like me, you start sorting through the emails that have filled your inbox overnight. More than few are updates from blog subscriptions. There’s HubSpot, of course, a couple of my other marketing and PR favorites, a handful of running blogs such as Run Haven because I love running, and as my family and I have committed to downsizing our “stuff” over the last few years, I’ve gathered inspiration from Becoming Minimalist.

I may not read the posts promoted by those emails right away. Usually I click the link and save it for a break later in the day, unless the topic and title are incredibly compelling. But I do almost always come back to them.

Why does that matter? Because if I weren’t a subscriber, with those email reminders popping up in my inbox every morning, I would probably only read those blogs a tenth as often as I do now. Not because I don’t think they are great blogs, just because they aren’t at the top of my mind.

The situation is no different for your corporate blog. You may have a fantastic blog, meeting all of the criteria for quality content, but that still may not bring readers back as frequently as you need to truly grow your blog.

So, how do you encourage readers to become subscribers?

It starts, of course, with a call-to-action. Chances are you already have a module on your blog page with a simple space for an email addresses and a “subscribe” button. Which is great, as long as potential subscribers are already on your blog page.




But what if you want to promote blog subscriptions through social media? Then you need to have a quick and easy link to include in a tweet or status update. That link should take would-be subscribers to a dedicated landing page.

Optimize your blog subscription landing page just as you would any other landing page. Here are six suggestions to improve conversions. While we’re talking about optimizing, let’s not forget an important distinction between types of subscribers. While you may offer both email and RSS subscriptions, the ones you really want are email subscribers.

Why? Remember how I said those email notifications are there in my inbox every day? That’s not the case with an RSS feed subscription. To see my RSS subscriptions, I have to manually go and check it on my own. A second drawback to RSS readers is that the subscriber doesn’t actually visit your website to read the post; they see it right in their RSS feed instead.

So while you may want to offer your readers the option of an RSS subscription, it’s the email subscription that you want to promote for three reasons:

  • It gets seen.

  • It takes readers to your website.

  • It’s easy to forward and share.

Because, really, the best way to increase your blog’s potential to generate leads is by getting more readers. So promote subscriptions, find the big hit content that will wow your readers, and then ask them to share what they’ve read with others.




With a blog subscription landing page in place, you can use calls-in-action in a number of places to invite readers to subscribe: email signatures, social media updates and profiles, email marketing blasts, your website’s home page, and more. Really, just about anywhere you would use any other call-to-action.

Want more tips on how to take your business blog to the next level? Here’s just the ebook to download and read over your next coffee break: How to Grow & Scale Your Business Blog. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to grab my own cup and catch up on Becoming Minimalist.


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