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How To Use Surveys To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy (video)

How To Use Surveys To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy (video)

More than 20 years ago, Bill Gates famously stated that “content is king” when it comes to online marketing. He was not wrong. In fact, today content is still king, for all the reasons outlined by Forbes contributor Steve Olenski here. But I want to amend that statement slightly: Qualify, useful content is king.

Because there is a ton of content out there, but not all of it is worth the time it takes to create it, because it doesn’t really offer the reader (aka potential customer) anything of value. But here is one way we have found to ensure that we offer readers/prospects content that contains true value for them: Base content on survey data.

In this video, I walk you through the steps to using surveys to drive content marketing. And below the video, you’ll find useful links to additional blog posts and downloads.

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So, to recap the most essential takeaways:

Your content strategy drives your survey strategy. Start with the content strategy, rather than starting with the survey. Your content strategy should detail the topics you want to address and how you will use the data to address those throughout the sales funnel (from awareness all the way to sales enablement) and in all of your channels: owned, earned, paid and shared.

Then, design the survey to gather information that will fuel that content.

Here are some more blog posts to provide additional tips on planning and creating surveys that drive content:


As I said in the video, never limit your survey results to a single campaign or a small collection of content when you could be turning a single survey into hundreds of pieces of content. See how in our quick guide and checklist: Maximizing Marketing Surveys.

Or book a meeting with me using the link below to talk more about how surveys can be a part of your integrated content marketing and public relations strategy.

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