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Small Businesses & Social Media: Who’s Using It (infographic)

Small Businesses & Social Media_ Who’s Using It (infographic)

Everyone is using social media these days—or at least very nearly everyone, including those businesses with 500 or fewer employees. When Clutch surveyed small businesses in early 2018, they found that more than 70 percent were already using social media, and half of those who weren’t yet planned to add it to their strategies.

What is somewhat surprising is that 13 percent of small businesses had no intentions of using social media — which is surprising to me given the benefits Facebook and other social media platforms can provide to small business, including healthcare providers.

It’s not surprising that millennials are more inclined toward social media, or that women-owned businesses use it more (women tend to be more inclined toward communication). And Facebook rises to the top amongst all generations. That’s why we’ve put together several resources about how your business can make the most of its Facebook page to increase awareness and drive lead generation and sales.

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