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Quick Tip: Use Video to Supercharge Marketing Automation

Quick Tip: Use Video to Supercharge Marketing Automation

Consider this:

  • Three in five executives would rather watch a video about a product than read text.

  • Emails with embedded video thumbnails had a 300 percent boost in click-through rates for Wistia, compared to those with plain images.

Translation: You can improve the effectiveness of your automated lead nurturing emails by incorporating video.

To get the best results from lead nurturing emails with videos, be sure you consider the sales funnel and buyers’ journey, just as you would with other lead nurturing offers. Send leads in the awareness stage education videos. Problem-solution videos are a good fit for consideration stage leads. Save the video testimonials and case studies for leads that have reached the decision stage.

Get more details on embedding videos in your marketing automation and lead nurturing in our downloadable slide show here.

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