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Transform Your Marketing Content from Correct to Compelling

Transform Your Marketing Content from Correct to Compelling

Are your writers, designers and other content creators detail-oriented or big-picture people?

Many of us can get caught up in the minutia of punctuation, Chicago Manual of Style, or exactly matching Pantone colors in artwork. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing — our audiences are often filled with grammar police looking for reasons to doubt us. But there is much more to creating valuable content than making sure apostrophes are used appropriately and video transitions are perfectly smooth.

Encourage your staff to take a step back before they begin creating to consider these four big-picture qualities of valuable content:

Transform Your Marketing Content from Correct to Compelling

No matter how technically correct their writing is, if they miss the purpose and fail to engage the audience storytelling, the content will not achieve the goals set by the company of generating inbound marketing leads.

Check out these posts for advice on creating content that:

1. Has a purpose (These 25 types of content each appeal to a different stage of the sales funnel.)

2. Tells a story (Q&A blog posts like this one are a great way to introduce a character, a problem and a solution - the key elements of storytelling.)

3. Is shareable (Make it easy for your readers to share with others.)

4. Is findable (Implement keywords to help your audience find the great content you are creating.

Are you looking for a way to provide feedback to your staff or freelancers about their content? Our Content Quality Report Card has the criteria you need to take your marketing content from good to great.

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