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Who Drops the Ball in the Chasm Between Lead and Customer?

Who Drops the Ball in the Chasm Between Lead & Customer?


Somewhere between a prospect’s first introduction to your company and a closed sale there is a big space with responsibilities shared by the marketing and sales departments. And if those two groups don’t work together to bridge that gap and nurture leads, potential customers will fall through the holes.


Studies show that only 25 percent of website visitors are ready to buy when they first find you, so they shouldn’t go straight to sales. They need to be nurtured and qualified before marketing hands them off. The pay-off is in a 23 percent shorter sales cycle and 47 percent larger purchases. (Click to Tweet!)   

Who Drops the Ball in the Chasm Between Lead & Customer?


For that hand-off to be successful, marketing and sales need to agree on the responsibilities of each, what criteria constitute a qualified lead, and what information marketing should be passing along to help sales close the deal. Regular meetings, shared reporting and a service-level agreement are all ways to encourage collaboration between sales and marketing for the benefit of the entire company.


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