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Writing Copy That Inspires Action: Your How-To Infographic Guide

Writing Copy That Inspires Action_ Your How-To Infographic Guide

Nearly everything you write as a marketer, and most public relations content as well, is intended to inspire the reader to do SOMETHING. Maybe that something is just to visit your website, maybe it is to sign up for a newsletter or download a webinar. Or maybe you want them to click “Buy Now” on your latest product.

Regardless of which action you want the reader to take, the rules for writing copy that converts remain largely the same.

Koeppel Direct lays out several of those rules in this infographic.

Among the rules they say you should follow:

Choose your words wisely. Don’t oversell or sound like a cliched cheerleads—be positive and specific while projecting urgency. (More suggestions on words to use and not use here: 5 Weak Words To Purge From Your Vocabulary.)

Customize your copy based on your campaign. You’ll want to write differently for video than print, and social media will not be the same as radio.

Present your value. Talk about the benefits, not the features, and focus on the customer, not the product. If you aren’t sure your copy does this, ask yourself the three questions outlined in this blog post.

Use formulas to structure your copy. Whether you follow a “problem+solution+unique selling proposition” formula for a quick video ad, or use a more detailed “how-to” structure in a blog post with a CTA at the end, formulas can give you (or your newly-hired content staff) a starting point. (Download 5 ready-to-use blog post templates here.)

Urge the reader to click. Isn’t this what it is all pointing toward? Getting that click? The words you use, the way you design CTA buttons, and where you position those CTAs in your blog, website, emails and social media all play a role in success. Dig deeper into our library with more than 40 posts about creating and implementing calls-to-action here.

Test and update your campaign and calls-to-action. Plan your content carefully, then test it to see what really does work best.

What other rules would you add for creating content that converts? Check out our Content Quality Report Card to rate your current copy and calls-to-action, then take your next campaign to another level of success.



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