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Your First Steps for Building Business on Pinterest

Your First Steps for Building Business on Pinterest


Did you realize that social media can be your blog’s best friend?

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all great opportunities to promote your blog posts and content offers and to interact with your prospects, leads and customers. But are you overlooking another possibility? Are you using the image-centered opportunities offered by Pinterest?

Why Pinterest?

Though originally envisioned as a place for individuals to share images and idea (hello crafters and cake decorators!), Pinterest has become the fourth largest social media network in the United States with an estimated 250 million unique monthly visitors. That’s too big for business to ignore, which is why the network had more than a half-million business accounts in 2013. Roughly 67 percent of all content pinned is from a business website. (Click to Tweet)

If you are already scheduling your social media updates for each blog post and content offer, add Pinterest to the list.


While it may seem that retail or B2C companies have the most to gain from business on Pinterest, there is plenty of opportunity for B2B companies to stake a claim and increase their visibility on the image-centered network.

For example, TeleVox, which provides patient communications for health care providers, has filled its Pinterest boards with information and images related to all types of healthy living topics — nutrition, dental care, ophthalmology, dermatology and more. Yes, they do have boards dedicated to their specific service offerings, but most are informational and related to the general field.

(Learn more about how TeleVox has transformed their brand from an appointment reminder provider to a company that facilitates customer engagement for a healthier world in this case study.)

Optimizing your company username

One of the first steps to making your Pinterest account (and the links from it back to your website) easy to find through search engines is to choose the right username.

Usernames are limited to 15 characters. If you have a short company name, like TeleVox or JONES, there isn’t a problem. But if your company name is longer, you will need to put some thought into how to shorten it while maintaining clarity and keywords.

For example, The Above Ground Pool Builder created the username “PoolBuilderMA”. The shorter moniker, which appears in the page name on Pinterest, hits on the keywords this business focuses on “builder,” “pool” and “MA” - which helps provide a location-specific keyword, since they probably aren’t looking for customers in California when they are located in Massachussetts.

Optimizing the “about section”

Your “About” section gives you a little more real estate to work with, but is still somewhat limited, to keep keywords in mind.

Here you can include your full business name (though be aware that if it is long, it still may not all show up on your main Pinterest page). Then you get 200 characters for an overview of the who, what and where of what you do. Use it wisely.

TeleVox, as we mentioned before, focuses not on individual services, but on their brand position: TeleVox has been delivering high-tech human touch to our clients since 1992. We enable our clients to connect, engage, motivate and activate their patients.

As a small business, Tristate Accounting in Cincinnati seems to have covered the bases for the keywords its customers are most likely to search: Tristate Accounting provides a one-stop shop for Greater Cincinnati's Accounting, Payroll, and Tax needs.


Lastly, don’t forget to include your website URL, because visitors can’t become customers simply by viewing or sharing your pins. Your ultimate goal is to bring them to your website, where they convert into leads and eventually customers. Providing links in your “about” section, and in the description of each pin, makes it easier for them to come to you.

Of course, setting up your Pinterest business account is just the beginning. Make the most of your efforts with the tips in Optimizing and Measuring Your Pinterest Business Account.

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