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Your Marketing Content Creation Flowchart

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It may start with an idea but creating marketing content that achieves your goals—website traffic, lead generation, conversions to sales—requires much more than that initial light-bulb moment of brilliance.

That idea must be fed with compelling storylines, written in a way that makes it findable, formatted for readability and then promoted.

The flowchart below from Orbit Media provides great reminders of the small details that are important to creating content that performs.

17 Steps To Content That Performs

Once that idea strikes, before you begin creating the content, whether it is a business blog post, a contributed bylined article for thought leadership, a video for your business home page or a complete integrated campaign, ask yourself the first three question on this list to determine your starting point: updating existing content, sharing outside points of view or developing research and data to use as the basis of the content.

Then consider what your audience is looking for that your content can provide and write/create it so that the most likely search terms will lead your target audience to your content.

Consider how to give your readers the best possible user experience—text formatting, visual elements, interactive elements and strong evidence to back up your information.

Finally, give the writing a critical edit focused on making it stronger.

Following the steps outlined in this flowchart (and in the checklists linked below for a variety of content types) will ensure that the content you create lives up to the potential of that great idea you started from. If you are looking for something even more detailed, with specific guidelines based on the content format, check out this series of blog posts:


We know that content creation is one of the biggest challenges marketers face, and if you are finding yourself battling to keep up, let’s chat about how JONES can help your team, from strategy development to surveys and research, writing and promotion. Request a consultation to learn more.

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