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Four Essential Website Elements for B2B Lead Generation

November 13,2015 |BY: Scott Muff

Four Essential Website Elements for B2B Lead Generation

Does your website have what it takes to capture leads? While B2C ecommerce sites are obviously set up to generate sales, B2B websites need to take a different approach.

Four essential elements are needed for your B2B site to generate the leads your marketing and sales team can follow up on. It all starts with quality content—blog posts, webinars, infographics, and downloadable materials designed to help your customers solve problems.

Intersperse that content with calls-to-action, which lead readers to landing pages, where they fill out a form in order to access an offer. (Click to Tweet)

It is that information in the form that provides the lead generation that goes into your lead nurturing program.

Four Essential Website Elements for B2B Lead Generation

Even if you already have these four elements in place, you can likely improve them or add more website "must-haves." Find 21 more essentials in 25 Website Must-Haves. Click to download our free ebook.

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