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Getting More From Your Content: Republish & Repurpose

March 20,2019 |BY: Kristin Jones

Getting More From Your Content_ Republish & Repurpose

Creating high quality marketing content requires a significant investment of time and expertise, especially if you are putting your best people to work creating it (and you should be — here’s why). If you want to get the best return for that investment, don’t just create a single piece of content, use it once, and then move on.


Republishing and repurposing content greatly increases your ROI by employing the same basic content across multiple channels and formats, reaching more prospects, leads and customers.

Social Media Examiner found that more than a quarter of business bloggers were not republishing blog content anywhere else, but many are. Here at JONES many of our blog posts are also published as LinkedIn Publisher posts to reach an audience beyond those who subscribe to receive email updates of the Inbound Accelerator.

But repurposing content can go well beyond simply reformatting a blog post for a new channel. Getting the most from content means planning from the beginning to put the same information to use throughout an entire package of content — from downloadable assets and blog posts to thought leadership articles and social media updates, along with infographics, videos, and the emails that link it all together in an inbound marketing lead nurturing campaign.


See how a single concept and content creation project can turn into a complete campaign by downloading Creating A Winning Inbound Marketing Program — a real-life example of how all of the pieces listed above fit together.

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Creating a Winning Inbound Marketing Program

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