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What You Gain When Marketing & Sales Are Aligned

August 24,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

“Well, if sales could actually close . . .” “If marketing would take the time to qualify . . .” Ever hear these words, or something similar, in the departmental meetings held each month to review results?

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Topics: Collaboration, Strategy

Make Content Decisions A Joint Effort: Marketing & Sales Together

August 04,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

Working closely with colleagues in other departments—most notably creating a smooth relationship between marketing and sales—improves the effectiveness of your entire system. One of the keys to cooperative efforts is providing everyone with the information they need to do their jobs better.

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The Information Sales & Marketing Should Be Sharing

June 28,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

Closed-loop marketing works because it involves tracking information throughout the customer’s journey. That means that information needs to be collected and analyzed by not only the marketing department as it converts, nurtures and moves leads toward qualified status, but also by the sales department.

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Make the Most of Your Marketing Department’s Meetings

December 16,2015 | BY: Scott Muff

Meetings are a fact of life in business, as illustrates in their infographic on the State of the Modern Meeting. If you are taking on a new role, whether within the same company or starting a completely new job, learning the meeting style of your new marketing department is one of the keys to hitting the ground running.

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Topics: Collaboration, Planning, Strategy

Use Service Level Agreements to Align Marketing & Sales Quotas

November 23,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones

Would the departments in your company tasked with driving revenue be described as sales AND marketing, or sales VS. marketing? The latter is not inevitable, if you implement planning and goal setting that both departments buy into. The benefits to that buy-in are great.

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Topics: Collaboration, Strategy

Why Coffee Breaks and Collaboration Win Over Competition

October 14,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Pop quiz: Name your company’s top three sales people.

Now, think about how important they are to your company, and about how you reward high achievement. Chances are you see them as very important, and reward them accordingly, setting them up as the benchmark others in the organization should try to reach.

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Topics: Collaboration, Lead Generation

Keep Business Rolling with Sales-Marketing Alignment

September 08,2015 | BY: Scott Muff


When your car’s wheels in are alignment — with the angles set to the manufacturers’ specifications — it drives more easily, gets better gas mileage, and reduces wear and tear on the tires.

When your sales and marketing teams are in alignment — each with clear objectives and duties, and with a shared understanding of key definitions and processes, aka “manufacturer’s specifications” — leads flow more smoothly, the sales cycle is more efficient, and there is less stress within your workforce.

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Topics: Sales Funnel, Collaboration, Lead Nurturing, Closed-Loop Marketing

Is Your Marketing Department Withholding Information?

July 28,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Sales AND marketing. Or is it sales VS. marketing? Unfortunately, for some organizations, the two departments who most need to work together have a tendency to take sides and point fingers when it’s time to set goals, evaluate results or allocate budget.


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We Can All Agree on Cake

May 20,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


We Can All Agree On Cake


Picture this: The marketing department has eggs.  PR has a bag of sugar.  Over in sales, there is a box of flour.  And the support staff has a variety of things: vanilla, nuts, maybe even a carton of frosting.

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