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Social Media Tip For Small Business: How Often Should You Post on Facebook?

May 18,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

One of the most common questions businesses have about using social media is this: How much is enough? It should also be coupled with the question of “How much is too much?”

Each social media channel has a different answer dictated by the dynamics of that particular channel. (Click to see our complete guide to social media for businesses.) Fast-paced Twitter has a different recommendation than professionally focused LinkedIn.

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Facebook For Business Guide: What, When & How Often To Post (infographic)

May 15,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

When Facebook announced its most recent algorithm update, it said it wanted to foster “meaningful interactions” — bringing back to the social aspect and conversations, which moved content from a user’s family and friends higher on the newsfeed than that from brands or pages. But it also prioritizes conversations, meaning it is important to incorporate content that invites users to comment, not just read, click ‘like’ and scroll on.

What does that mean for you as a business, trying to use Facebook to increase awareness, website traffic and sales?

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Social Media Tip For Small Business: What To Post In LinkedIn

April 27,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Every social media channel has a unique personality that impacts how it is used for marketing. Instagram is all about the image. Pinterest is also visually-oriented and well suited for saving links for the future. LinkedIn is all business.

Thirty million businesses use LinkedIn, including 90 percent of B2B marketers. (Source)

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Your Business Hashtag How-To Guide

April 21,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Social media is a huge component in the marketing and PR strategies for nearly every business, but with so many different channels available, each with their own intricacies and idiosyncrasies, there are many details to consider in creating the right strategy for your business.

Not long ago, we provided a guide to the basic guidelines for using several of the top social media channels for business. But one of the specific elements of social media use that we didn’t touch on in that post was the hashtag. Here I’d like to dive into more details on how to choose and use hashtags that can extend your social media audience and help you stake a claim to your brand identity online.

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Why & How Often SMBs Use Social Media (infographic)

April 17,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Social media is no longer an “extra” part of a business marketing plan. For many small businesses, it may be the majority of the strategy, used as a substitute for a formal webpage, as paid advertising, and as organic and word of mouth promotion to reach both new audiences and current customers.

In fact, 9 in 10 marketers say that their social marketing efforts has increased exposure, and 75 percent say it has increased traffic.

Getting those results, however, requires a commitment to creating quality content and staying in front of your followers with organic content in addition to paid promotions. Half of all small businesses say they post on social media daily. Is that enough?

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Your Complete Social Media Guide: What, Where, When, and How Often To Post

April 14,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

With so many different channels, each with their own niche in terms of content type and user experience, knowing how to effectively use social media in your digital and content marketing mix can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why I’ve worked to pull it all together for you in one place:

  • What to post

  • When to post

  • How often to post

  • When to incorporate live video

  • And a few tips on advertising and paid promotions.

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Are Your Facebook Ads Hitting The Mark?

April 01,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Although we at JONES are huge proponents of organic content on social media (download this case study to learn why), there are definitely times when advertising is a necessary complement to your regular schedule of high quality posts, videos, and links.

And while Facebook ads may seem inexpensive, it is essential to target them for your specific audience, rather than wasting money on ads that are primarily reaching people in the wrong geography, demographic group or interests.

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Social Media Tip: How To Hashtag Your Instagram Posts

March 30,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

While Twitter may have the first social media channel to embrace the hashtag as a way of organizing content and reach new audiences, Instagram has taken the hashtag to new levels. Using hashtags on Instagram is vital to extending your reach, but you still need to do your research and think strategically.

The first question may be how many hashtags you should incorporate into your Instagram captions. Some brands and ambassadors may stuff as many as 30 hashtags into a single caption (the maximum allowed), but that can end up just looking spammy, rather than creating the impression and image you are reaching for. Instead, focus on just 5 to 10 carefully selected hashtags that will attract an audience but maintain a focus on your specific targeted audience.

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Investing In Social Media: A Small Business Perspective (infographic)

March 27,2020 | BY: Kristin Jones

Small businesses can’t afford to ignore social media, but they also have to be aware of their own limitations in how much of their budget and time they can commit to staying on top of multiple channels.

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Social Media Marketing Tip: When To Post To Instagram

March 16,2020 | BY: Kristin Jones

In social media marketing, timing is essential. With more than 100 million new Instagram photos and videos posted on the site each day, getting your content in front of your target market means fighting for eyes of a busy audience. If you aren’t there when they are, your hard work to create great content falls flat.

So how do you know when to post?

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