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19 Ideas For Emails: Lead Nurturing & More

19 Ideas For Emails_ Lead Nurturing & More

While it can be tempting to draw a distinct line between “email marketing” (often used strictly as an outbound tactic) and “inbound marketing,” in reality, email is an essential element in inbound marketing strategies as the vehicle for automated lead nurturing.

Carefully crafting each email in a lead nurturing workflow means providing your contacts with value that brings them back to your website and moves them further through the sales funnel. (Check out our Lead Nurturing Toolkit, including a Nurturing Workflow Template, for more details.)

So what types of marketing emails can cross over from outbound marketing to lead nurturing? Several in this list from Tami Brehse work with both settings, including:

  • The Thank You — This is the first automated response your new contacts should receive.

  • The Follow Up — Remind them of the offer they accessed or requested.

  • The Win Back — Warm up leads that have gone cold.

  • The Industry Roundup — Don’t always sell; provide valuable information in some of your nurturing emails.

  • The Social Discussion —Encourage contacts to engage and interact on multiple platforms to build a stronger relationship.

  • The New Content Alert — Share your latest downloadable offers and blog posts.

You may be able to use other ideas from this graphic in your lead nurturing emails, also. But no matter where you get your ideas for emails, keep in mind the 10 rules for using email in your inbound strategy outlined in our latest ebook — Email for Inbound: Do This, Not That.


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