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Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

I call myself an “inbound marketing evangelist,” preaching the potential of inbound marketing and content to attract website visitors, convert them into leads and nurture them toward a sale.

I also believe in following my own advice, which is why JONES has developed an extensive library of content ready for our blog readers, leads, customers, and others to mine for the information and tools they need.

Meet our Inbound Marketing Learning Library (under the Resources tab on our web page header):

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

Our Inbound Marketing Learning Library offers dozens of resources free for the taking.

So, why do we offer a library of content? Why should you develop your own content library?

  1. Search optimization and awareness

  2. Lead generation

  3. Lead nurturing

Content libraries and SEO

Each additional page on your website is a new opportunity to attract prospects who are searching for the information you have to offer. Content offers like the ebooks, case studies, templates and reference sheets we offer in our Inbound Marketing Learning Library each have their own landing page. Each landing page is optimized so that it can be found by web users seeking information on that specific topic.

The more content, the more landing pages. The more landing pages, the more keyword opportunities. And that means stronger search rankings.

This ability to be found when prospects are searching for answers and solutions also enhances our chances to increase awareness of our business. Not everyone who is looking for information, advice or assistance with inbound marketing knows our name. Yet. So they aren’t likely to search for “JONES inbound marketing.”

Instead, they are going to search for “lead qualification checklist” or “inbound marketing campaign calendar” or some other term that touches on the specific problem they are hoping to solve. And when their search for a solution brings up one of our resources, they start to learn about who we are and what we do.

Content libraries and lead generation

Effective inbound marketing content is a tool to capture leads on your website. You capture those leads when they complete a landing page form in order to download your content.

When a visitor converts to a lead by downloading one of your content offers, you gain their contact information, along with the knowledge of what topic they are interested in.

Content libraries and lead nurturing

Because you know what topics your leads are interested in, and because you have established a library of content covering essential topics for your industry, you can now nurture leads by offering them additional resources that are relevant and increasingly specific.

In our case, if a visitor downloads our ebook titled “Introduction to Business Blogging”, we would follow it up with an offer for a resource that will make blogging easier for that lead, such as our Blog Calendar Template or Blog Writing Templates.

What is in our Inbound Marketing Learning Library?

We are continually creating new materials to answer questions, offer advice and make success easier for your marketing team, with a special focus on the tactics and tools involved in inbound marketing.

This includes:

  • More than 25 ebooks about topics ranging from business blogging to creating enviable brands or even acing your first 100 days in a new marketing job.

  • More than 20 templates, calculators and checklists to make your inbound marketing more efficient.

  • A dozen videos on inbound marketing, content and how marketing and public relations work together.

  • Case studies and success stories that show inbound marketing at work.

And we are adding new resources every month.

How to find what you are looking for:

We’ve designed our Inbound Marketing Learning Library so that you can search for what you need in four ways:

1. What do you want to do?

Are you looking to learn, do, watch or take the next step to be the envy of your industry?

Under our “Learn” module, you will find introductory ebooks about all aspects of inbound marketing. Browse the selection to find the specific tools and tactics you want to know more about.

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

Under “Do” we have provided tools such as worksheets, calendars and calculators that will help you put those inbound marketing tools and tactics into practice more easily. Why recreate the wheel, or calendar as the case may be, when we have already done that work for you?

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

“Watch” should be self-explanatory. Here you will find our inbound marketing videos that provide those who prefer to watch and listen, rather than read, with educational insights into inbound marketing.

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

Our fourth category, “Be the Envy,” is where we showcase our clients and their success in case studies and offer deeper information about how we can help prospects achieve the same success.

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

2. What topics are you searching?

A second method of navigating through the Inbound Marketing Learning Library is by using our “Topics” drop-down menu to find the specific area of inbound marketing you need to learn more about. By choosing a topic, you will find all of our resources related to that idea, from ebooks and videos to case studies and templates.

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

3. How does it fit our methodology?

The third way to sort and search our resources is according to the steps in our Inbound Marketing Methodology. Click here to see a full description of the 13 steps we believe are necessary for inbound marketing to succeed, starting with Doing the Math.

Create A Content Library Your Customers Can Use

4. Keyword search of our entire site

You can also use the search bar located at the top right of this blog page to enter a keyword and search our entire website. It will bring up both related resources from the Inbound Marketing Learning Library and blog posts that are focused around that keyword.

I hope you find what you are looking for—or maybe discover the answers you didn’t even know you needed—and can put our resources to work to make your inbound marketing more effective and efficient.

How is your content library shaping up? Share a link to it in the comments to give others ideas for creating their own libraries.

If your library isn’t developing the way you would like it to, check out our JONES Content Creation Solution sheet or schedule a complimentary consultation to brainstorm ideas for improving your content and creating a library your prospects will visit again and again.

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