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How To Bridge The Content Marketing Divide

How To Bridge The Content Marketing Divide

As OneSpot points out in the infographic below, content marketing can seem to be a study in contrasts:

  • Less costly, yet budget remains a major challenge.

  • Heavily used, but difficult to prove effective.

  • And often, even when the content creation is being done right, there are stumbling blocks in distribution from archaic websites (not mobile optimized) to readers’ fleeting attention spans.

How do you find common ground or a way to bridge the gap between the good and challenging?

The first step to conquering the challenges and roadblocks is pinpointing precisely where they are located in your inbound marketing and content strategy. Assessing strengths and weaknesses could be as informal as a self-evaluation like the one in our Rate Your Inbound Marketing Scorecard or a full marketing audit by an outside firm with an objective perspective on your current strategy and implementation. The key is to get started today.



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