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How To Plan Complete Integrated Marketing & PR Campaigns (video)



Effective marketing and PR strategies need to be designed, from the beginning, to reach prospects and customers at every point along the buyers’ journey. If you miss stages along the way, you’ll know it because conversion rates will suffer.

Let’s take a look at just what a complete campaign should include:



From the introductory or awareness level content at the top of the funnel, such as social media and blog posts, to the product lists, ROI calculators, and comparison charts needed in the final stages of decision making, be sure to include something for every stage along the way. As I mentioned in the video, don’t overlook the middle of the funnel, where leads are not yet ready to make a decision, but you still need to keep them engaged with useful content.


Other campaign development tips:

  • Set goals for your campaign based on what you need to achieve. Here’s a video on how to do the math.

  • Don’t overlook existing content that can fit into multiple campaigns or be repurposed for a new channel or stage of the buyers’ journey.

  • Don’t forget the additional content — calls-to-action, landing pages and lead nurturing email workflows — that are needed for the campaign to generate online leads and facilitate sales.


Not only do you not need to build every campaign completely from scratch, but you don’t even have to build a planning calendar from scratch — we’ve already done that for you. Click to download a month-by-month campaign planning calendar template which will help you organize your campaigns based on the theme, segment of the sales funnel, specific content ideas and channels, and how you will nurture leads through that campaign. Or schedule a time to talk with me about ideas for how you can begin using complete campaigns in your marketing and PR strategy. I’d love to chat!


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