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PR Agency Outlook: Fewer Exclusive Relationships (infographic)

August 18,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

The days of companies working with a single, dedicated public relations agency seem to be numbered. Fewer than 20 percent of PR departments currently say they rely on a single agency of record, with more than a third saying they expect to increase the number they work with in the future.

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Topics: Public Relations, Writing

Client Success: How Bylined Article Placement Drives Web Traffic

August 17,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Healthcare management firm Primaris, based in Columbia, Mo., has worked with JONES to master the art of creating complete inbound marketing campaigns that employ both marketing content and tools traditionally used by public relations departments to increase website traffic and downloads of gated offers.

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Topics: Public Relations, Writing

9 Secrets to Writing Headlines (infographic)

August 16,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Business blogs can be highly effective at attracting website visitors, boosting SEO, and generating online leads. But only if your best prospects read the posts. What attracts them to read a post? The headline.

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Topics: Strategy, Writing

Secrets to Successful Ghostwriting for PR and Marketing

August 15,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Much marketing content is created without a need for a named “author.” Social media posts on corporate or brand accounts, website copy, email newsletters, and more, are simply from your company or brand.

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Quick Tip: Make Contributed Articles Copy Perfect

August 14,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

I’ve worked for editors, I’ve been an editor, and I’ve contributed millions of words of copy to editors for publications large and small. And do you know what the number one complaint of editors everywhere is?

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PR Trends for the Future (infographic)

August 11,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Digital storytelling tops the list of trends that will impact public relations and marketing in the future, according to the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Public Relations

3 Reasons Your Contributed Articles Are Rejected

August 10,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Contributing bylined articles to trusted industry and business publications is a time-honored tool used by public relations agencies and departments to increase brand awareness and build thought leadership authority for company executives.

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Topics: Content, Writing

6 Social Media Blunders to Avoid in 2017

August 09,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Are you falling into bad social media habits that are sabotaging the benefits you derive from both organic and paid posts there?

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Topics: Social Media, Planning

Working With Your Agency or Team to Plan Content

August 08,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

How is content planning handled within your marketing department? Is it a one-person job or a team brainstorming effort? If you work with an agency for content creation, is someone from the agency involved in developing your plans for campaign content?

Are you happy with how you are doing it now, or looking for a different approach?

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Topics: Planning, Content

Quick Tip: Contributing a Bylined Article Is Just The Beginning

August 07,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Public relations pros have long understood the value of contributing bylined articles to industry publications to build the authority and awareness of their brand and company executives. And at one time, all of the effort that went into creating a great bylined article might have yielded only that.

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