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Social Media Marketing: Manners Matter, Too

March 21,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

We all know that different social situations demand different etiquette—after all, it may be just fine to open your best friend’s fridge and help yourself to a beverage, but you wouldn’t do the same thing on your first visit to the parents of a new significant other.

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Social Media Marketing Tip: Clean Up Your Post

March 19,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

On social media, you have just a fraction of a second to catch the reader’s eye with your post, which means appearance matters.

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Social Media Marketing Tip: Time Your Posts to Match Your Audience

March 12,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

Start looking around, and you will find conflicting tips on when the best time to post social media content is: CoSchedule came up with these recommendations, but they don’t quite match these from Hootsuite.

So what should you do?

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Social Media Marketing: Choose The Right Call-to-Action For Each Post

March 07,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


When we talk about social media marketing, a lot is said about the importance of creating content that is “engaging.” We need to create content that our followers and others who see our content in their newsfeed will want to see AND interact with.

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How To Conquer Social Media To Increase Web Traffic For Healthcare

March 06,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


Why are you using social media? There are many benefits for healthcare providers to having a presence on social media:

  • Increased awareness of your practice.

  • To educate your patients and others.

  • Opportunities for engagement with your audience.

  • To make reviews and referrals easier.

But here is another: To increase traffic to your website.

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Social Media Marketing Tip: Optimize Your Cover & Profile Picture

March 05,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

When you set up your business Facebook page, put a lot of thought into the images you choose to represent your business. You will have two main images to consider: a cover photo and a profile picture.

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Social Media Marketing Tip: Monitor Messages & Respond Promptly

February 26,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

One of the key benefits to using social media, and Facebook in particular, is the communication aspect. While many forms of content are static in nature, social media is meant to be a two-way path for communication.

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10 Tips for Your Business Facebook Page

February 21,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


If your goal for your business Facebook page is to increase awareness of your business, and even better, to attract new customers, you’ll need to focus on a few details.

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Social Media Marketing Tip: Optimize Your “About” Section

February 19,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

With more and more consumers turning to social media to search for information about businesses, it is essential that they find you there, and that what they find is accurate and optimized.

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Social Media Marketing Tip: Add Social Media Buttons to Your Website

February 12,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

How are your social media accounts and your business website connected? Ideally, they should be at opposite ends of a two-way street: Each sending traffic to the other to meet the needs of customers and your marketing strategy.

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