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Client Success: Yes Health Moves Website to HubSpot For Greater Functionality

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While many of our recent website redesign projects, including those for Avanti Systems and Fairly AI, have used WordPress for at least a portion of the website, our newest project involved transitioning the client’s site entirely to HubSpot to integrate all of the client’s website, blogging, email, social and landing pages into a single marketing automation platform.

Yes Health had begun the process of redesigning the company’s previous website and other brand elements for a modernized look and feel with the services of marketing and design firm before JONES joined the project. (It was a great collaboration and we totally loved their design; check out some branding insights we were proud to share from our colleagues at Best Friend Jack.)

Yes Health’s app and website offer health and wellness coaching and consultation directly to individuals or as a benefit organizations can provide for their employees to address challenges such as maintaining a healthy weight, diabetes prevention or individualized wellness goals.

The website project had two primary goals:

  • Updating the look of the website to match a company-wide rebranding with a new logo and appearance.

  • Transitioning hosting and the internal structure of the website to take advantage of all that HubSpot has to offer in its integrated suite of services.

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JONES worked alongside Best Friend Jack to finalize the visual design of the website and website copy, with JONES providing editorial guidance throughout the process. JONES served as the lead in development of the actual site, working alongside a HubSpot developer to finalize all technical aspects.


Integrating functionalities

Yes Health was already a HubSpot user, having used HubSpot’s content management system to host the company blog for some time. The blog includes sections for both organizations and individuals, with a library of posts that provide valuable advice for individual members, as well as lead generation opportunities at the organization level, linking to calls-to-action for downloadable calculators or consultations.

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By moving the entire website to HubSpot along with the blog, Yes Health gains a single platform from which to manage and monitor all website functions, plus integrated automation functionalities for email and text campaigns.


The right look on all devices

As with other sites we design, JONES took special care to ensure that the new branding and imagery being used on the Yes Health website would translate correctly across all screen sizes, which involved working with Best Friend Jack to develop designs for all mobile platforms.

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Every website design needs to keep mobile compatibility and accessibility in mind. The majority of B2B website traffic comes from desktop computers—but just barely. Mobile drives or influences an average of more than 40 percent of revenue in leading B2B organizations and that number is only going to grow as more millennials and Gen Z members move into decision-making positions in their organizations. (Source)


Worry-free flexibility and maintenance for the future

Along with the integration available when using HubSpot for website development and hosting, the advantages in that decision include a low-maintenance platform with flexibility for growth. The great thing about using HubSpot for websites is that HubSpot takes care of all of the maintenance. There is no need for JONES or the client to worry about updating plug-ins or risk the site having problems because updates weren’t activated.

JONES has had its own website on HubSpot for nearly a decade, and we have never experienced downtime due to maintenance issues or updates. HubSpot is technologically sound and stable.

Yet, it still provides exceptional flexibility and a user-friendly interface.

The website design and templates we created for Yes Health are 100 percent editable by their internal marketing team, meaning that they can not only edit the content (text, images, video) within each section of each page, but also add new sections if wanted using simple drag-and-drop tools. Once established, HubSpot websites are very user-friendly.

(See more about our work for Yes Health on the client profile page.)

Want to know more about the JONES approach to website development and integration with the automation capabilities of HubSpot? Schedule a time to talk with us—click here for the calendar of Kristin Jones, JONES founder, to chat. Or download these resources to get a head start on your website project:

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