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This Halloween, Avoid Marketing Hell

marketing hell

Imagine, ghosts and goblins and misleading messaging, ugly content and unanswered social media comments - the horror!

Halloween is around the corner, and the only things scarier than wrestling a 3-year-old into the costume she wanted 3 weeks ago, but doesn’t have any intention of wearing on October 31st, are the terrifying scenarios of HubSpot’s circles of marketing hell. Check out the HubSpot "Marketing Hell" infographic at the end of this post.  

While HubSpot is intent on punishing you for your misdeeds, we are the Good Fairy of this Halloween tale, here with solutions: 

1. Ugly content? How Images Improve Your Business Blog

2. Boring? 5 Ways to Create Website Content People Will Share

3. No social media monitoring? Digital Echo Goals & Reporting Worksheet

4. Bad automation? Why We Need a HubSpot Agency Partner

5. Bad targeting? Branding Mistake & Solution: Considering Customer Personas

6. Misleading messages? Content Quality Report Card

Get the idea?

There is a wealth of resources in our Inbound Marketing Learning Library, plus more than 500 informative and inspirational blog posts in the Inbound Accelerator. Subscribe today so that when Halloween rolls around, the only thing scaring you is the thought of running out of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups before the last trick-or-treater knocks on the door.

 marketing hell infographic

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