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With a passion for inbound marketing and a love for PR, Scott Muff is a partner at JONES. He is one of the top brand strategists in the nation who understands the importance of storytelling that’s relevant, personal and genuine. He spearheads branding, PR and marketing strategies for all JONES clients. He is known for devising brand platforms and content strategies that attract and engage prospects, and converts them into customers. He helps clients increase sales leads through PR and inbound marketing, including media relations, blogger engagement, search engine optimization, video marketing, and social media.

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Are These Marketing Predictions for 2021 Coming True?

March 03,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

As 2020 closed out what became a very unusual year in business, marketing and life in general, Pan Communications asked a number of CMOs and marketing leaders to weigh in one their predictions for 2021.

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Topics: Content, Strategy, Analytics

Take The Mystery Out Of Buyer Personas

February 24,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Before you create a single piece of marketing content—whether that’s dashing off a social media post, creating a video, writing an email or designing a report of original research—you need to know one thing: Who are you trying to reach?

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Topics: Personas

Your Ultimate Business Blog Writing Checklist

February 23,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Business blogs are among the three primary forms of media used in the content marketing strategies today, according to HubSpot, with both B2B and B2C brands relying on storytelling to grow awareness, increase website traffic and SEO performance, and drive lead generation.

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Topics: Business Blog, Content, Writing

21 Social Media Statistics For B2B Marketers

February 16,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

As millennials, who are completely at home with social media, become the primary purchase decision makers in many businesses, it is imperative that B2B brands become equally comfortable with using social media to distribute content.

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Topics: Social Media

Your Writing Checklist To Crafting Great Thought Leadership Articles

February 09,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Thought leadership may be a more powerful tool in your marketing arsenal than you realize, and it pays to ensure the quality of the bylined contributed articles you create is the best reflection possible of your company.

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Topics: Public Relations, Bylined Articles

Social Media Marketing Tip: Best Times To Post On Facebook

February 08,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Even as new social media channels make the news and take over the attention spans of younger generations, Facebook remains the most-used channel, with 2.45 billion active monthly users. And it is one of the few channels—along with YouTube—that consistently delivers followers for nearly all types of business, both B2C and B2B. 

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Topics: Social Media

Don’t Let These Mistakes Sink Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

February 03,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

In the game of Battleship, the largest ship on the board is the aircraft carrier, and taking it out requires five direct hits. But some of the smaller ships can only sustain a couple of hits before they no longer stay afloat.

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Topics: Lead Nurturing, Inbound Marketing, Content, Personas, Sales-Marketing Alignment

Three Keys To Google Rankings: Expertise—Authoritativeness—Trustiworthiness

January 27,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

At the risk of showing my age, today’s topic takes me back to middle school and a song any guy that age would never forget—a parody by Weird Al Yankovic that turned a Michael Jackson great from “Beat It” into “Eat It.”

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Topics: SEO, Content

How To Use Our Landing Page Content Template (free download)

January 19,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Each year, we count down the 10 most-frequently downloaded assets in our Inbound Marketing Learning Library, and this template for organizing the content of website landing pages is always on the list (you’ll find it at #5 on 2020’s most-used marketing tools list).

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Topics: Landing Pages

Social Media Tip: When To Post New Videos On YouTube

January 18,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

YouTube is not only the largest repository of video content on the web, but also the de facto second most-used search engine out there, with more than 3 billion searches performed every month.

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Topics: Social Media, Video


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