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With a passion for inbound marketing and a love for PR, Scott Muff is a partner at JONES. He is one of the top brand strategists in the nation who understands the importance of storytelling that’s relevant, personal and genuine. He spearheads branding, PR and marketing strategies for all JONES clients. He is known for devising brand platforms and content strategies that attract and engage prospects, and converts them into customers. He helps clients increase sales leads through PR and inbound marketing, including media relations, blogger engagement, search engine optimization, video marketing, and social media.

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Are Your Facebook Ads Hitting The Mark?

April 01,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

Although we at JONES are huge proponents of organic content on social media (download this case study to learn why), there are definitely times when advertising is a necessary complement to your regular schedule of high quality posts, videos, and links.

And while Facebook ads may seem inexpensive, it is essential to target them for your specific audience, rather than wasting money on ads that are primarily reaching people in the wrong geography, demographic group or interests.

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Topics: Social Media, Personas

Social Media Tip: How To Hashtag Your Instagram Posts

March 30,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

While Twitter may have the first social media channel to embrace the hashtag as a way of organizing content and reach new audiences, Instagram has taken the hashtag to new levels. Using hashtags on Instagram is vital to extending your reach, but you still need to do your research and think strategically.

The first question may be how many hashtags you should incorporate into your Instagram captions. Some brands and ambassadors may stuff as many as 30 hashtags into a single caption (the maximum allowed), but that can end up just looking spammy, rather than creating the impression and image you are reaching for. Instead, focus on just 5 to 10 carefully selected hashtags that will attract an audience but maintain a focus on your specific targeted audience.

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Don’t Let “Page Not Found” Drag Down Your Website Performance

March 25,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

We’ve all run into it at some point: a broken link. Maybe you were following a trail of backlinks to try to get the origin of some statistic (I’ve traced many back trying to find out just how outdated a social media or digital marketing stat might be — you’d be amazed at how long some things continue to circulate!). Or maybe you discovered an error on your own website that explained why some pages weren’t getting the traffic you thought they should.

Either way, a 404 error is more than just irritating. For your website, it could mean serious damage to your reputation and performance, as Spiralytics oulines in this infographic.

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Give Editors The Right Reasons To Accept Your Contributed Articles

March 04,2020 | BY: Scott Muff

With the realms of marketing and public relations continually meeting, meshing and intertwining, using contributed articles as part of an integrated campaign is the perfect way to reach thousands of prospects with top-of-the-funnel content that establishes you brand as an industry authority.

But you aren’t the only one seeking editorial space from related blogs and industry media. As PointVisible points out in this infographic, many editors get at least 6-10 pitches every day, and 20 percent of those editors say 9 out of 10 pitches are so bad, they don’t even bother to read them properly.


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Topics: Public Relations, Bylined Articles

Are Design Errors Killing Your Business Blog? (Part 2)

February 28,2017 | BY: Scott Muff

In Part 1 of this installment, I discussed 7 blog design errors that may turn readers away before they even have a chance to discover the quality of your writing.

Have you corrected all of them?

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Topics: Blog, Strategy

Are Design Errors Killing Your Business Blog? (Part 1)

February 23,2017 | BY: Scott Muff

I have stressed over and over in the Inbound Accelerator the importance of quality content. To be effective, a business blog needs to meet five key criteria every time. And investing in great writers pays off.

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Topics: Website, Blog

What Makes A Great Website Sticky

February 02,2017 | BY: Scott Muff

When we talk about “the web,” we usually mean the entirety of all that is out there in cyberspace—billions of individual sites and pages and connections. But what if we took a more micro view, and compared your business website to the original “web”—the sticky filaments patterned by our arachnid friends as the ultimate way of capturing prey.

Think of your own web(site) as having the same goal as that of a spider: providing the resources your company needs to survive. Use your web to catch customers.

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Why Wouldn’t A Small Business Have a Website?

September 23,2016 | BY: Scott Muff


With the Yellow Pages largely a relic of the past, and consumers who rely on their mobile device for the answers to everything from “Where is the nearest taco truck?” to “Where can I buy fishing lures?” or “Best reviews of accounting firms in St. Louis,” having a website would seem as essential as having a phone number.

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Topics: Website, Planning

Quick Tip: What Marketers Need to Know About Webpage Architecture

September 12,2016 | BY: Scott Muff

Marketers and writers may not always be fluent in HTML or the nitty-gritty of the coding that creates the pages of company websites and blogs, but there are few basics we need to understand in order to guide designers and coders in creating a strong search presence.

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Topics: Website, Strategy

Quick Tip: Choose Website Images Wisely

September 05,2016 | BY: Scott Muff

Images are a powerful element in website design, drawing visitors in, augmenting descriptions or instructions, adding SEO power, and giving your website an overall visual boost. But make sure you choose your images wisely.

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