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Client Success: Complete Content Packages Fuel West Marketing Strategy

March 26,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones

The philosophy we subscribe to at JONES, and have been able to bring to fruition for some of our most successful clients, is the idea that everything you do in marketing and public relations is connected. And it should all be pointing, ultimately, toward bringing in leads and closing deals.

Our client West Corporation has successfully done just that with its healthcare communications and patient engagement technology department, working with us to take communications strategies from concepts through research, writing and design, promotion, and inbound lead generation all the way to finalized sales that

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Getting More From Your Content: Republish & Repurpose

March 20,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones

Creating high quality marketing content requires a significant investment of time and expertise, especially if you are putting your best people to work creating it (and you should be — here’s why). If you want to get the best return for that investment, don’t just create a single piece of content, use it once, and then move on.

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Choosing A Website Builder & Platform: What To Consider

March 19,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones


When it is time to build, or rebuild, your company’s website, the options can seem difficult to weigh, from completely outsourcing all stages of development and maintenance, to creating it yourself with a free do-it-yourself website builder, and everything in between.

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10 Email Trends You Need To Know

March 13,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones

Are you still doing email marketing the same way you did 10 years ago? Or even 2 years ago?

It may be time for a review, as email is changing just as rapidly as every other aspect of B2B marketing and life in general.

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Your Ultimate Inbound Marketing Checklist

March 12,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones

Inbound marketing is a big undertaking. It is a holistic approach to marketing, that starts with a big picture focus, yet relies on pulling together all the small details that drive success.

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Are You Personalizing Your Marketing Content? (infographics)

March 08,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones


There was once a time when addressing someone we barely knew by their first name was abrupt, at best, and practically scandalous at worst. Yet today, we expect the companies we do business with (or even the ones we’ve just barely “met” online) to greet us by name in emails and on their websites.

Personalization of some type is used by 85 percent of organizations in their marketing content.

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Build The Perfect Small Business Instagram Profile

March 06,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones

Ready to put your small business in front of the one billion (yes, billion, with a “B”) users of Instagram?

Since you’ll be competing for visibility with roughly half of all small businesses, it is essential that you know how to make your Instagram profile and posts stand out.

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Topics: Social Media

Rate Your Business Website (quiz)

March 05,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones


When was the last time you visited your business website and really paid attention to what you find there? Have you looked at it, not with the eyes of a seasoned team member who breezes through it every day for a few essential links, but with the eyes of a first-time visitor seeking information about either your products and services, your employment opportunities, or just advice on a topic you’ve covered in your business blog and website content?

If you had to give it a grade, how would it score?

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How B2B Marketers Use Content

February 27,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones

B2B marketers have fully embraced the need to use content to reach their target markets — 93 percent are involved in some type of content marketing.

Why? Because content marketing costs 62 percent less per lead than traditional outbound marketing, and it can impact everything from web traffic and thought leadership to customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

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How To Build Surveys That Fuel Marketing Strategies

February 26,2019 | BY: Kristin Jones

Some of the most compelling market content, especially in the B2B marketplace, is built on original research, data, and statistics that provide decision makers with solid information.

While most marketers are familiar with using surveys for market research to develop customer personas and optimizing marketing tactics, fewer have capitalized on the power of data as a basis for their actual marketing content, from reports and blog posts to videos and thought leadership articles. When used this way, surveys can provide the data that sets your marketing materials apart from the competition.

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