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HubSpot Blog Metrics: A Tour of HubSpot’s Measuring Tools

April 26,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

If you’ve been reading the Inbound Accelerator the last few weeks, you’ve heard about how important it is to monitor your business blog’s performance in order to stack up actual results against goals, make decisions to improve future performance, and prove the ROI of your inbound marketing efforts.

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The ROI of Marketing Automation

February 28,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

What makes marketing automation so beneficial?

The list of benefits is long, but the features of automation that are most essential for inbound marketers are those that improve performance of marketing campaigns, increase conversion of leads into sales, provide objective measurement of marketing efforts to prove ROI and attribute sales accurately.

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Why We Love HubSpot [And Why We Aren’t Alone]

February 15,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

Trust is important in B2B relationships. For me, trusting a vendor is centered not only around the performance of the product or service, but also around the responsiveness of the people within the company that I work with.

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5 Benefits of Working With An Inbound Marketing Agency

February 06,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

One of the challenges many marketers face today is finding the resources needed to implement their marketing strategy — not only in terms of budget resources, but the human resources of experience, skill and time.

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3 Reasons Your HubSpot Inbound Marketing Strategy Needs Blog Posts

January 18,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

At the core of inbound marketing, which HubSpot has perfected over the years, is the concept of the customer coming to you. “Inbound” means that prospects are seeking you out vs. outbound methods that chase down prospects with “interruption marketing” that doesn’t necessarily reach them at the right time or place.

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Marketing Match-Up: Inbound vs Outbound When You Know Your ROI

December 08,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

When I think about the statistics highlighted in this infographic, which come from HubSpot’s 2017 definitive annual report on the marketing industry, State of Inbound, I feel both reassurance and unease.

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Are You Truly Doing Inbound Marketing?

November 02,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

With the internet as a primary information source nearing 25 years in existence (Google turns 20 in September 2018), it seems unnecessary to give marketing strategies labels specific to that platform. After all, EVERYONE is online in some form, right?

Yet, we still do specify a few distinct areas of marketing, and for good reason. Not all online marketing is created equal.

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Quick Tip: Use HubSpot Reporting Data to Improve Your Blog

October 16,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

One of the key benefits of using an inbound marketing content management solution like HubSpot is the reporting data provided back to your company.

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Marketing Goals & Challenges for Small Businesses (infographic)

September 29,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Small business owners typically find themselves wearing many hats: sales associate, bookkeeper, facility manager, HR director, and often, marketing manager, plus head janitor, all rolled into one. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 say that their greatest marketing challenge is simply finding the time to do it.

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What Marketing Automation Needs to Succeed (Infographic)

July 28,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Automation provides a full menu of tools for marketers today, increasing the efficiency of a wide range of tasks and efforts, from project management to social media posting and lead nurturing. But, according to a survey by Dun & Bradstreet and Ascend 2, almost 70 percent of B2B marketers are, at best, only marginally happy with their marketing automation.

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