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6 Steps To Effective Content Creation (infographic)

6 Steps To Effective Content Creation (infographic)6 Steps To Effective Content Creation (infographic) (1)

When asked which SEO tactic is most effective at improving search rankings and driving website traffic, 75 percent of marketers agree it is this:


Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t. In fact, 1 in 3 marketers say content creation is their greatest challenge. Do you agree?

If you are struggling with how to create great marketing content, try following the six steps outlined here.


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1. Create a written strategy for each campaign. Working together as a team—both in-house stakeholders and any agency involved in your marketing content development—to create a strategy improves buy-in, message consistency, and the final product and performance.

2. Create at least one downloadable asset for each campaign. These assets, and the landing page forms visitors complete to access them, are the key to online lead capture.

3. Publish at least 16 blog posts each month. We have the tools that make your blog planning and writing simpler, with a calendar, templates, checklists and more in our Business Blog Toolkit.

4. Create visual content such as infographics and videos. We’ve identified 7 characteristics of the best infographics and 53 facts and stats about marketing videos to get you started.

5. Submit bylined articles to industry media. When you get your CEO published, you build thought leadership and name recognition through the kinds of trustworthy sources B2B buyers turn to when seeking information and solutions.

6. Ensure the quality of your content by using experienced professionals. Whether you are hiring new team members or choosing an inbound marketing agency to assist with your content creation and other marketing needs, focus on quality, experience, and knowledge of your industry.

Content creation is just one aspect of your overall integrated marketing and public relations approach to growing your business. Download our Inbound Marketing Scorecard for a complete 30-point list of steps to take and strategies to implement to improve your inbound marketing performance and ROI.

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