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B2B Content Marketing Statistics For 2020

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Some things about content marketing change from year to year, and others simply become more obvious. When it comes to the advantages of working from a documented content marketing strategy, the answer is obvious: Having a strategy pays off.

That can be seen in the results of the Content Marketing Institute’s annual survey of B2B marketers, in which one of their continuing questions is: Do you have a documented content marketing strategy?

Of those marketers who are the most successful, a majority do. In fact, the portion of the most successful marketers who have a documented strategy has increased from 62 percent in 2018, to 65 percent in 2019, and 69 percent in 2020. What about the least successful marketers? More than 80 percent do not have a documented strategy.

It seems obvious then that it just make sense to take the time to create a strategy and put it on paper.

What else can you learn from the survey’s results (as illustrated by Grazitti Interactive in this infographic)?




There is a lot to unpack in that infographic. Perhaps it validates the strategy you are already using. Perhaps it makes you wonder if you should be changing things up. And perhaps it leaves you wondering if you need some outside perspective to make those decisions.

Here are five benefits of working with an outside agency to meet your content marketing needs:

1. Access to skilled content creation professionals.

2. Expertise in the concepts and details of inbound marketing automation systems.

3. Flexibility to increase or decrease contracted services to meet changing needs.

4. Defined goals and reporting to measure ROI.

5. A single point of contact, rather than managing multiple freelancers or content-specific contracts.


If you are considering joining the 50 percent of B2B marketers who outsource some aspect of their marketing program, download this checklist of what to look for in an agency partner. You can also schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to learn more about what JONES may be able to offer you. And back to the statistic at the very beginning of this post about having a documented content marketing strategy: We do strategies, too.

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