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The Basics of Content Marketing in One Fun Video


Sometimes the best way to learn about something is to witness a great example. I’m always watching for examples of emails, landing pages, blog posts and more that we can take inspiration from in our work.

I love the way this video from our partners at HubSpot serves as not only education about content marketing (with a side of some light-hearted relatable fun), but is in itself an excellent example of the concept.

Listen in to what Jamal has to share.

Do you know a little more now about content marketing than you did before?

Here’s what I think makes this video such a great example of content marketing and inbound marketing in action:

  • It answers questions about a topic I am interested in (and, obviously, one you are interested in). You found this blog post AND this video because of that interest, not because we pushed it in front of you in a disruptive manner.

  • It provides education, but in a relatable way that is easy to understand, thanks to simple graphics, concise explanations and examples.

  • It doesn’t feel like selling—or really even “education” for that matter. Breaking up the information with brief bits of humor and levity gives viewers a chance to relax, smile and absorb what they’ve just heard before moving on.

  • It offers multiple opportunities to engage further, depending on what stage of the buyers’ journey the viewer currently occupies. Subscribe to the YouTube channel (very low commitment), download a workbook (medium level of commitment in providing some contact information) or, if you are curious enough to read all of the notes in the video description, you can even find a call-to-action to sign up for HubSpot Academy.

Not only do I love this video as an example of content marketing, but I also appreciate how well he breaks down the idea of content marketing for viewers.

He gives great examples of types of content and how they work, including blogs, social media, apps and podcasts. And he outlines four basic steps—simplistic, yes, but that is why this video is an awareness/introductory level piece of content. The other content offered, such as the workbook and training courses, are available to move viewers to the next level of the sales funnel.

And, as he says, IF you like the video, you may download the workbook. IF you like the workbook, you may try HubSpot’s free solution. And IF you have success with what you can do with the free version, you may become a full customer. And it will have felt like it was your idea, rather than being pushed into it by advertising or a salesperson.

That is the power of content and inbound marketing.

While Jamal outlines a streamlined 4-step process for implementing content marketing, there are dozens of details involved, and you can find more information about each of those steps in the blog posts and resources linked below.

Steps to successful inbound marketing:

  1. Setting goals (KPIs, brand awareness, lead gen)

    1. Why and How to Set Goals for Your Content Marketing Campaigns

    2. Blog Metrics to Measure & Use

    3. 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Cares About

  2. Choose channels that will achieve your goals – text, video, blog, social??

    1. Your Multi-Channel Content Marketing Checklist: All About the Website

    2. Your Multi-Channel Content Marketing Checklist Part 2: Everything But the Website!

  3. Create and publish – consistently!

    1. How to Plan Your Business Blog Calendar (free template)

    2. Why You Should Start a Business Blog Now: SEO & Lead Generation

    3. Your Complete Social Media Guide: What, Where, When, and How Often to Post

  4. Measure and analyze

    1. Lessons from 15 Years: First, You Have to do the Data Work

    2. When You Need Someone Else to Make Sense of the Numbers

Looking for more? Let us help you navigate the world of content marketing (or of setting up your own HubSpot automation). Schedule a time to talk with me about your inbound marketing goals.

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