Our process takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Everything from your brand platform, to content strategy, to nurturing, to customer engagement must be in sync to win and retain customers. Our methodology aligns marketing efforts and transforms you into the envy of your industry.

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Evaluate Marketing Metrics

Analyze inbound metrics to evaluate marketing's performance, determine ROI and make strategic decisions. Harness HubSpot for a complete look at marketing's performance from the contact database, to marketing content, to web traffic.

Multi-Channel Analytics

Analyze how effective your various marketing channels are at generating not just leads, but also customers. Multi-channel analytics provide insight into which channels were effective, which channels influenced other channels, and which channels can be eliminated.

Multi-channel analytics - JONES

Full-Funnel Analytics

Use closed-loop analytics for an overall view of your marketing funnel highlighting the five most important metrics —visits over time, leads over time, customers over time, visit-to-customer conversion over time, and lead-to-customer conversion over time.

Full-funnel analytics - JONES

Monitor and Measure Earned Media

Leverage Wallop! to demonstrate accountability, gain program insights, measure earned media coverage and evaluate PR performance metrics for the brand and its competitors. Generate reports and smart program recommendations.

Overall Share of Voice

Overall share of voice - JONES

Coverage Volume By Region

Coverage volume by region - JONES