Our process takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Everything from your brand platform, to content strategy, to nurturing, to customer engagement must be in sync to win and retain customers. Our methodology aligns marketing efforts and transforms you into the envy of your industry.

Engage and retain customers - JONES



Keep Your Customers Happy and Engaged

Customers don’t owe you their loyalty. You have to earn it — continually — by actively communicating with customers, keeping them engaged and better meeting their needs and expectations. To engage and retain customers, creating a positive customer experience is essential.  Receiving information how and when they want it keeps customers engaged.  And, information that helps them discover how to get the most out of your products and services sustains their interest and drives loyalty. 

Keep your customers happy and engaged - JONES

Create a Positive Customer Experience

Design a good customer experience by making products and services easy to find, purchase and use. Create strong synergies between online and offline channels. Ensure front-line employees are motivated and aligned around customer needs. Ask for customer feedback to detect and correct usability and customer experience issues.

Create a positive customer experience - JONES
Engage customers with information - JONES

Engage Customers with Information

The old way of engaging customers just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, customers want to decide what information they would like to receive and when they would like to receive it. They insist on conducting business anytime, anywhere, using any form of communication they desire. Listen, demonstrate expertise and urgency, focus on relevance, personalize — and go above and beyond what is expected.

Promote Usage and Customer Stickiness

Drive deeper usage of your products and services with user guides, tutorials and other resources. Provide customer support, a help desk, FAQs and more to resolve known issues. Listen for unknown problems and signals that customers are not engaged, and then reach out to correct and drive adoption.

Promote usage and customer stickiness - JONES