Our process takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Everything from your brand platform, to content strategy, to nurturing, to customer engagement must be in sync to win and retain customers. Our methodology aligns marketing efforts and transforms you into the envy of your industry.

Enable Sales - JONES


Sales enablement - JONES
Hands-Off to Sales - JONES

Hand-Off to Sales

Transfer leads to sales once they have been qualified. Only deliver leads that are at the right place in the buying cycle and that meet qualifications for being able to purchase. 

More than half of global marketing leaders say they have greater responsibility for revenue growth.

Global marketing leaders have greater responsibility for revenue growth - JONES

Deliver Lead Intelligence

Provide deep insights about each lead's activity level and interests that sales can build upon to extend the personalized buying experience. Give sales information that will help identify the prospect’s problems and desired outcomes. Show sales the marketing content and topics individual leads have sought and consumed.

Deliver Lead Intelligence - JONES
Package Key Messaging - JONES

Package Key Messaging

Provide content and messaging suggestions to help sales close more deals. Train sales on how to deliver the strategic messaging.

Arm Sales With Tools for Success

Create strategic sales demos, product materials, pricing guides, competitive comparisons and other resources sales can share with leads. Arrange for customer references.

Arm sales with tools for success - JONES