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Our Top 10 Inbound Marketing Gifts For You

December 18,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

Our Top 10 Inbound Marketing Gifts For You

With Christmas just a week away, we’d like to offer you this early gift. I promise it will be more useful than the Pokemon-shaped coffee mug you ended up with in a white elephant exchange and less awkward than the oversized sweater Aunt Edna knit with her leftover yarn from the last decade’s projects.

These are gifts with a proven track record. They are the most frequently downloaded marketing resources from our Inbound Marketing Learning Library — templates and checklists that marketers like you are already using to streamline processes and improve content creation, lead generation, and lead qualification for their brands. Here is your chance to do the same.


Merry Christmas from all of us at JONES!


Our Most Popular Marketing Resources


1. Lead Nurturing Workflow Template

Apparently, a lot of inbound marketers are looking for resources make their automated lead nurturing workflows more efficient and effective, as this template is a perennial top choice. Let it help you walk through the decisions you’ll need to make about how many emails to include in each workflow, what to offer within each email, and how to time them to find that sweet spot between too aggressive and getting lost in the shuffle.

These recent blog posts will also provide additional tips for creating the workflows that convert leads into customers:


2. On-Page SEO Planning Template

It may seem as though SEO is constantly changing (SEO Changes You Need To Know Today), but the need to keep it at the top of the priority list has not. Perhaps that’s why so many marketers turn to our On-Page SEO Planning Template to guide their approach to both creation of new web pages and reviewing and revising existing web content to ensure that it can be found.

Supplement the template with the tips found in these posts:


3. Media, Messaging & Marketing Audit Checklist

When you need to know what is working, what isn’t working, and how you can improve your strategies, it may be time to look for an outside opinion. Audits can be just the objective view into your current public relations and marketing program you need, but what should you expect to receive when the audit is complete? That is what our handy checklist answers. Download it to see what you should expect from each of five different types of media, messaging or marketing audits.

Learn more about audits, and how they should be used, in these case study blog posts:


4. Landing Page Content Template

No matter how fantastic your downloadable offer may be, it won’t convert website visitors into leads unless the landing page entices them to complete that form and click the button. That means that landing page content, though often limited in length, is just as important as the report, ebook or webinar to which it provides access. Use this template to plan your content for each offer you create.

Learn more about creating landing pages that convert in these posts:


5. Creating A Winning Inbound Marketing Program

Often the advice you find online in blogs like ours is based on theory. Most of us would rather see those theories in use in the real world, though. That’s precisely what you’ll get with our Creating A Winning Inbound Program download — the actual blog posts, downloadable assets, social media posts and emails used by our partner Primaris in one of their successful inbound marketing campaigns.

Learn more about how healthcare consultant Primaris leveraged inbound marketing and about creating complete programs in these posts:


6. Lead Qualification Checklist

One of the major advantages of using automated lead nurturing is that it can provide much of the information needed to qualify leads before sending them on to sales. By setting up certain actions that automatically trigger a transition to sales and passing along the lead intelligence gathered through progressive forms and closed loop marketing, you increase the closure rates for sales. Our Lead Qualification Checklist can help your organization set the specific criteria that show your leads are ready for a direct contact from a sales representative.

Learn more from these blog posts:


7. State of Inbound 2017

It’s always interesting to see how our own organizations stack up against our peers — Do they have the same struggles we do? Are they focused on the same tactics? What is new in the world of marketing?

That curiosity and comparison are why HubSpot’s annual State of Inbound reports are so popular, and you can find it right here on our site as well.


8. Campaign Planning Calendar Template

Why create your own calendar and planning materials when we’ve already developed the template that makes planning simpler? As you’ve seen from this list already, templates are the most popular resources in our library. This particular one helps you plot out each inbound marketing campaign, from target audience and overall theme, through the content to be created for each stage of the sales funnel.

We designed it to make it easy to see each campaign as a whole: blog posts, downloadable assets, video or podcasts, bylined articles and more.

Wondering why we focus so much on complete campaigns?  Effectiveness and efficiency. More on that approach:


9. Lead Nurturing Toolkit

This toolkit is the whole package. It includes two of our top individual resources (the Lead Nurturing Workflow Template and the Landing Page Content Template), along with a Lead Nurturing Workflow Example, which includes the actual text and timing of a successful workflow from one our inbound marketing clients. Three resources in a single download — how’s that for increased efficiency?


10. Rethinking Healthcare Marketing

JONES has long specialized in the healthcare industry, partnering with companies involved in many aspects of healthcare, from technology to consultation and biotech to consumer products. Our work for these companies, especially in guiding West Corporation’s Televox division through extensive use of consumer and healthcare provider surveys, has given us a unique insight into the changes needed in healthcare marketing for the future.


Learn more about our experience, and the success of our clients, through these blog posts and case studies:


Wow. There is a lot of marketing insight and useful information, not to mention time-saving templates, in this list. And it’s all our gift to you. Not just during the holidays, but 365 days of the year. We are adding new resources regularly, so check back often, and browse around the Inbound Marketing Learning Library to find much more. We have what you need to learn, do, watch and become the envy of your industry.

Happy holidays!

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